Ritual Candle Set
Ritual Candle Set

The Sphinx & The Priestess

Ritual Candle Set


A set of four miniature ritual candles from The Sphinx and The Priestess. Incorporating ritual use for abundance, inspiration, passion, and a new beginning. With gently distilled essential oils, a reiki-charged quartz crystal in each, and a beautiful handwritten mantra to aid in manifestation. All natural plant based, hand crafted and hand poured, and packaged on the new full moon in Los Angeles. Cotton wick, 20 hour burn time. 2oz. glass containers are 2 x 2.5 inches.  Packaged in a white 3 x 5 inch lidded box with a black ribbon tied around, perfect for gifting.

Set Includes:
The Lovers (for passion) - Flowering shrubs, bitter citrus, dark wood
Death (for a fresh start) -  Smoky amber, bitter citrus, thorny rose, sacred wood
Pentacles (for abundance) - Blonde wood, earthy herbals, night florals
The Star (for inspiration) - Fragrant shrubbery and blond wood